Embodied Permaculture - How can we deepen permaculture beyond the cognitive-behavioural level?


This experiential talk, guided meditation and embodied permaculture observation exercise will explore how our states of consciousness affect our experience of being alive, our practice of permaculture and our ability to engage in true transformation. Dan and Johanna will explore how to move beyond experiencing permaculture as just a head-oriented conceptual framework and toolkit for reorganising nature and discover how to fundamentally reorient our sense of being alive in our bodies and feel part of the whole of Life. From this expanded and grounded state of flow, they will guide participants through an embodied meditation and permaculture observation exercise to discover what we notice when our full bandwidth of intelligence comes back online.

45-minute slide presentation including time for Q&A, followed by a 45-guided embodied meditation and observation exercise with time for discussion and sharing at the end.

Earthbound (Dan and Johanna McTiernan)
About the teacher

Dan is an internationally certified Transpersonal Psychology Coach, Johanna is a qualified Nature Connection Facilitator, and they are both trained and certified embodied meditation teachers.

They've been permaculture designers, homesteaders and teachers since 2008 and have also founded an award-winning permaculture bakery in the UK, farmed a regenerative olive and almond project in Catalunya Spain, and now live on a small rural homestead in Johanna’s native Finland where they raise food and their two boys.

They started Earthbound to facilitate and support deep transformation in people and to create a community that feels like a hearth, a place to Be, to rest as our authentic Selves.

for more information please visit: www.earthbound.fi

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