Horizon Europe Soil Deal Mission and permaculture

For whom

Horizon Europe (HEU) — the most ambitious EU research & innovation programme ever — has a total budget of EUR 95.5 billion for the period from 2021-2027. The Soil Deal for Europe is one of its new funding instruments, a Mission. The goal of the Soil Deal is to found 100 Living Labs and Lighthouses in Europe by 2027, each of which focusing on how to improve the European soils, in different ways.

In this talk I will describe the HEU Soil Deal for Europe Mission programme from permaculture point of view, with concrete suggestions on how to form suitable consortia of permaculture actors and apply for this EU funding.

Pekka Ilmari Nikander
About the teacher

Pekka Ilmari Nikander was an academic researcher and serial entrepreneur, last working as a Professor of Practice at Aalto University, until he was awakened to the true nature of our world and to the true status of our Mother Earth. While working as a professor at Aalto, for five years, he was granted over 3.5 M€ of EU funding. After his awakening he has dedicated his time to understanding the deeper nature of the universe and the humankind, while at the same time applying his previous skills to the betterment of the world.

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