Wild edibles from nature, mushrooms and wild herbs

For whom

We will start the workshop by gathering together. I present the goals and the flow of this workshop. (10-15min)
Then we will take a walk around the festival area and look for wild edibles, their uses and precautions. I will talk about safe and secure foraging, medicinal properties, for what traditional and modern use are these edibles for and also a bit about the preparation. I will adjust my workshop according to the level of the participants. (45min)

Finally we sit down and I show a brief herbal medicine treatment (herbal bandage etc.) (10min)
Finally we take a short sharing session where people can talk about what they learned. (20min)

Tuomas Lilleberg
About the teacher

I'm a biologist, teacher, environmental educator and a forest mushroom/wild herb guide. I currently study herbal medicine in Frantsila, Hämeenkyrö.