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Volunteer search - we have enough volunteers, wohoo! If you want to sign up for the "waiting list" in case there are cancellations (and there always are, as life happens), please fill the form below anyway. Thanks for your interest!


Would you like to go to the Nordic Permaculture Festival in Vesilahti on August 4-7. at a super low maintenance price (€ 30), become part of a nice, international team and get to make the festival a super success? And best of all, you get to learn a bit about permaculture. Yeah, nice!

We are currently assembling a team of volunteers who will join the design team in creating the festival onsite. You will handle the practical work of the festival shortly before, during and after the festivals You will become an important part of the team responsible for the success of the festivals, get to know other people into sustainability and gain valuable experience in event organizing work.

Tasks include but are not limited to cleaning, being at the admission- and/or infodesk, sauna heating, decoration, workshop preparation, info, dishwashing station management and traffic control. The size of the team is 12 people and the working time are August 4.-7. (Thu-Sun) about 4 hours / day + cleaning up.

Apply / leave your info for the waiting list if you’f like to join the amazing team!

Want more information or have questions first? Send us a message: festival [at] permakulttuuri [dot] fi

I have the following certifications
Finnish Red Cross first aid certificate or similar
Finnish event security card
What motivates you to come volunteering for Nordic Permaculture Festival in Vesilahti?
Do you have some other spesific skills or knowledge that could be useful on the festival? Which kind of working tasks or voluntary work you have experience in, if any? Something else, what you want to share?
By sending this application I am saying that I want to volunteer at the NPF'22 in Vesilahti 4.-7.8.22. I can stay all the days and amOK with some dirty work or working in rain. I am OK with the fact that I might need to be flexible with my hours and not get only the tasks I like. I am OK in sharing accommocation with other volunteers or camping. It is OK I still need to pay the nominal fee of 30 euros to join the festival if I work as a volunteer.
I have read the privacy policy (sorry currently only in Finnish) and herby allow Suomen permakulttuuriyhdistys RY to process my data. 
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