There are three main tracks plus a hands-on craftsmanship track:

  • Land and Nature Stewardship
  • Health and Spiritual Well-being
  • Land Tenure and Community Governance
  • Hands-on Craftsmanship

Land and Nature Stewardship

Myrrhis LAND senter – Karoline Nolsø Aaen

At the workshop they will provide a tour of their approach to a Permaculture life style. Their small home is a fully integrated and holistic site based on Permaculture design and realized since 2012. The place includes an off-grid strawbale house, roof garden, forest garden, no-dig kitchen garden and integrated animals. Since 2017, they have established a 1 ha agroforestry system, including annual vegetable production, fruit and nut orchard, holistic grazing systems, perennial vegetables for sale and a small plant nursery as a part of their livelihood. (hosted in English and/or Danish)

Karoline and Tycho in garden.jpg



Naturlig birøkt – Ingelin Sevåg

birth-of-beeWhat does it mean to do natural beekeeping? How does this differ from conventional beekeeping? And how can we do it with today’s framework? Ingelin will give an  introduction to the subject of natural beekeeping, which touches on organic and biodynamic beekeeping, or what can be called beekeeping on the premises of the bees. Everyone with an interest in the secret life of bees is welcome to join her small lecture on a big topic. There will be time to discuss topics that the participants themselves want to look at, whether that is because you have had a recent swarming at home or if you generally are facing a challenge.


Flerårige grønnsaker – Stephen Barstow

Stephen will start with a review of his favorite plants in 10 categories in a mature forest along the categories of  big trees, smaller trees, climbing plants, perennials, edimentals, wetlands, etc.). This will be followed by a hike around the premises where you will pick edibles for dinner. (hosted in English and/or Norwegian)


Soil science and food web – Karoline Nolsø Aaen

Description coming soon!


Hagevandring spiselige vekster – Stephen Barstow

Stephen will discuss the theme of his book – where he presents his favorite perennial vegetables from different continents. (hosted in English and/or Norwegian)


No-dig gardening and hummus – Karoline Nolsø Aaen

Description coming soon!


Applied Permaculture – Introduction to a Brazilian Project – Felipe Hoffman

Felipe will be presenting his Permaculture work in Brazil. His family acquired a 2.2-hectare rural property in Ibiraquera Beach in the south of Brazil and have since applied Permaculture to food production, bio-construction, ecological sanitation systems, filtering gardens, aquaculture, and wastewater reuse. He has hosted many courses over the past ten years in order share his knowledge and experience with others.


Health and Spiritual Well-being

Friskvern – Forebyggende helsearbeid – Devika Fossen

Through simple grounding tools where we use breath, touch, sound and movement to strengthen our ability to listen deeply into the wisdom of the body, we will practice the art of self care, so that we can generate the energy we need to shine our light and make a difference in the world. (hosted in English and/or Norwegian)


Forgiftning og avgifting av mennesker – Ingelin Sevåg Vestly

Ingelin Sevåg VestlyBy the late 50’s, Stanley Milgram had researched Norwegians and found them to be the world’s most conformable country. This presents a particularly large problem today, given Norway’s prosperity. Norway may have one of the world’s most poisonous populations – new cars exhaust toxic gases, winters are long and indoor climates  are neglected, and trace amounts of flame retardants, heavy metals, and toxins have been found in infant blood (enough to give any researcher sleepless nights). Holding true to Milgram’s findings, Norwegians do little to confront this. Ingelin will outline where the different sources of environmental poisons come from in order to illustrate how we can free ourselves from a stressful existence employing a wise lifestyle and healthy choices. Slowly, we can move towards a fresher potential with the help of detoxification routines and gifts from nature. To be healthy in our time, one must be smart.


Creating a Living Project with Soil and People – Helen von Bothner

This workshop will be a permaculture journey – 25 years of experience creating a Permaculture project in Sweden.  A reflective design process sharing experience on tools integrated into a rural situation on order to create abundance, sustainability, humus and networks. What has been successful and what has been challenging, what there is to celebrate and what changes need to be made. How can we design for long-term,  generational shifts? Is it possible or even desirable? The workshop is an introduction to the Design Web (from People & Permaculture) as a possible design process to evolve to the next level and to fully integrate one self and the surrounding supporting social structures. The workshop will be a mix between practical and theoretical work, both indoors and outdoors.


Developing ‘Earthfulness’ – Katharine Burke

This session will focus on ways we can develop our ‘Earthfulness’, or mindful connection to Earth and appreciation of our inter-being with all of life.  We will participate in several contemplations as well as interactive activities, including breathing exercises, a short walk/contemplation outside by the garden having to do with Earth elements, a balance/gravity exercise, exercises using the 5 senses with nature, and some exercises from The Work that Reconnects.  There will be many exercises you can take back to your own practice or share with others.  I can translate some activities and am open to translation by others. (Hosted in English)



Fermentation – for adventurous permaculturalists  – Randi Brodersen

During this course,  you will get insight into and experiences with fermentation – in a vegan and local seasonal perspective. We will explore together what fermentation is, why we ferment and how we get to work. We will make sauerkraut, kimchi, water kefir, beetroot kvass and rejuvelac. Look forward to adventurous flavors! (hosted in Norwegian)


Tai Chi – Helene Bøhler

Helene welcomes you to a moment in the morning for simple movement to awaken the senses, and invite a greater aliveness and release as  you meet the day. Everyone can join no matter how your body moves. 

TMW -Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing- is a specially developed sequence of movements which promotes physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. TMW combines the essential elements of both Tai Chi and Chi Kung inviting you to experience the benefits of these wonderful arts. The simple sequence of gentle movement aims to improve your self-confidence, flexibility and balance.


Land Tenure and Community Governance

Økolandsbyer – Frederica Miller

Frederica will give us a sneak peek into her new book about ecovillages.


‘Best Practice’, metoder for interaktiv undervisning – Charlotte Lou Langdon

Charlotte will show methods of interactive teaching. She will introduce how we learn and provide some tools for a regenerative social element. The workshop is suitable for new teachers or those interested in “best practice” from England. Lou has done a job shadow with Aranya and Caroline Aitken in England and is on the board of the Danish Permaculture Association.


Power, Inclusion, and Group Structure – Starhawk and Alfred Decker

Social permaculture is the ‘people-care’ aspect of permaculture, that too often gets overlooked and neglected.  How can we apply the permaculture principles to groups and social relationships?  Are their other principles specific to human relations that we can discover and apply to make our groups nurturing and flourishing places to be?



Sosiokrati og Permakultur – Andreas Jonsson

Focus in this workshop will be the similarities and links we see between sociocracy and permaculture as design for living systems. Which principles are the same and how can we use this? We will learn some background information and get a peek into social organization design. And we will take part in an exercise based on group decision making. (hosted in English and/or Swedish)


LAND Presentation – Catherine m.m.

Description coming soon!


Society organization – focusing on social activities, cooperation and communication in BØL (Bergen/BruvikØkologiske Landsby) – Randi B. Brodersen

Randi will present three perspectives on social organization: a social perspective, a cooperation perspective and a communicative perspective. Her theoretical and practice-oriented foundation is based on principles of permaculture and some personal ideals. Her experiences and examples are from life with and in BØL for the last 10-15 years. The social perspective includes seasonal celebrations and markings. Collaboration perspective examples are open, informal and internal presentations and meetings and weekdays. Communication perspective includes the use of contact-creating communication (IVK = non-violent communication), for example in the context of meetings, and outward activities such as recruitment and contact with media and educational institutions. (hosted in Norwegian)


Communication and Conflict Resolution – Starhawk and Alfred Decker

Tools for People-Care—Conflict and Communication
Working together with other people is one of the most challenging aspects of permaculture. But just as ecosystems may benefit from disturbance, human groups can grow and deepen in trust from conflict when it is embraced and when we have good tools for resolving and moving through it.  We will share tools for feedback, constructive technique, and mediating conflict—all seen through the lens of the permaculture principles.



Hands-on Craftsmanship

Å bygge med leire – Julio Perez

During this workshop you will learn about clay and the different opportunities it has to offer as a building material. (hosted in Norwegian and/or Spanish)


Tørrmuring – David Måkestad

Dry-stone walls are constructed without any concrete or other fixatives. The technique has long traditions and creates a structure with a long lifespan. You will do practical work on the property and the course aims to be hands on. You will learn how to apply this knowledge to different conditions and uses.


Visning av splitting og øksing – Tore Forsberg

Come to learn, and discover some of the joys of working with wood and sharp tools! You will get knowledge about how to process from timber to finished product with axe and hand planer.

Ragnhild Gjems

Ragnhild will teach you how to make simple tools from wood based on traditional craftsmanship techniques. Many of these wooden implements can replace the plastic tools we have grown accustomed to.  She will discuss how to find the right materials for each project based on the properties of different wood types and how to use these resources without disrupting the health of trees.